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Sustainable Wardrobe Tips

Sustainable Wardrobe Tips

Let’s be honest moms - who has time to plan her outfit when she's juggling the event planning, what the kids are wearing and more often than not, what the husband is wearing???

Managing a family of 7 while incorporating sustainable fashion into our lives has not been an easy task, but below are some tricks I practice to help me stay sane, maintain a minimalist wardrobe and more importantly, look put together!

3 Simple Tips to Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe


I can’t stress purchasing staples enough. Most people are drawn to the statement pieces, the pieces that stand out, and add a little excitement to your look with a tiny bit of extra flare. But if you only purchase statement pieces, you will find yourself always feeling like you have nothing to wear. When shopping, imagine the lifecycle of the piece you are considering. Is it something you want to buy to have now, right now - or is it a piece that you can see wearing season after season? Visualize outfits with your desired piece with other items you already own in your wardrobe. If you have nothing to wear it with, put it down and walk away.

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When you purchase neutrals you are instantly alleviating the stress of matching loud/bold colors and/or patterns. But remember, neutral doesn’t just mean white, grey and black. You can use nudes (my favorite nudes have a hint of rose), olive greens, and even deep blues as neutrals. Neutrals are also seasonless and can be worn during any month. These colors are easy to pair together and therefore allow you to mix and match all the pieces in your wardrobe effortlessly. And when all else fails, you can easily put together a monogramatic look!


I want to be able to achieve different looks while being comfortable for everything on my calendar.  I try to look for pieces that offer a lot of versatility and can be worn different ways. I love a nice jumpsuit or dress that can easily be dressed up or down just by changing shoes and accessories and seamlessly take you from day to night. Right now, my favorite piece is our V-neckline Jumpsuit. I wear it with minimalist jewelry and simple sandals for a daytime look and dress it up with dangle earrings and heels for a night out. 

I may not have had time to do my hair (which I definitely need some tips on how to tame hair while mombossing) and I may have forgotten my daughter’s shoes to my niece's graduation, but having a versatile jumpsuit made getting dress stress-free. And who isn't up for one less thing to stress about?

I hope these tips help you. And remember, always try to have fun! Having style doesn't mean having to buy new things, it’s more about how you put your outfits together, from your top to bottom, your accessories and your shoes to how you wear the piece. Practice different combinations, give yourself a break and most importantly, have fun!

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