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First Steps to Sustainable Fashion

So you have decided that you want to live a more sustainable life? If you have learned about the negative effects of fast fashion and want to start doing what you can to make an impact, but don’t know where to start, this post is for you.

fashion revolution

Don’t feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Every single one of us wanting to change the world with the small everyday wardrobe choices has been in your shoes. We question what is the right way to start our sustainable journey and how to start making changes slowly without doing it all at once. Truth is, if you did it all at once, you wouldn’t be handling it in a conscious manner because you can’t really sell and donate all your stuff and start from scratch. And the great news is, you don’t have to!

Below are 5 steps I have used to slowly incorporate sustainable fashion into our wardrobes.


The easiest thing to start incorporating sustainable fashion into your wardrobe is taking inventory of what you currently have. Take the afternoon and go through your closet. Try on the dress that has been sitting in there for years and find a reason to wear it, or be honest with yourself and admit that you will never wear it. After you have gone through your wardrobe, make piles Keep, Donate, Incorporate.


This step takes a little time, but it is so rewarding. Take your top 3 go-to brands and do some research about the company and where they are manufacturing their goods. This step is aimed to help you determine if you should still be purchasing from the brands you love, or if its time to look into new brands. You can learn a lot about your favorite brands with a little google searching. If you still want to learn how to investigate your favorite brands properly, check out this free course offered by Fashion Revolution (Did I mention it's FREE?) and “discover who made your clothes, share their stories, and influence global change.


I cannot stress avoiding compulsive shopping enough. After you have taken inventory create wishlists. Highlight which items on your lists are must-haves in order to actually get dressed in the morning, and which items are truly “wish” list items. Do not go shopping until you have created these lists and have completed step 4 below.

ecofriendly fashion

If there is time in between steps (because this all takes time) add items you really want onto a wish list and when you are ready to start shopping, you can revisit the list and the items you added. I guarantee while you wait to make a purchase, and complete the 4th step below, you’ll want to remove some of the items you added to your “wish” list.


building a sustainable wardrobe

The most fun step, for me anyways, is getting social with my family and friends! Talk about what you are looking to add to your wardrobe or what pieces you need for an upcoming event. Chances are someone you know has something you can borrow or even have. Many people have items in their closets that they no longer need, or would be willing to let someone else enjoy for a night or two. Clothing and accessories are made to be worn, not sit in a closet or drawer for years.  Let them get out and have some FUN!


NOW you are ready to start shopping, consciously. Once you have a separated lists start to do some more research so that you are not flustered in the shopping process. It is good to know what brands to be looking for before you attempt to hit up a mall or shopping center. There are so many great blogs out there that are highlighting sustainable fashion and eco alternatives to fast fashion. Below are three of my favorite blogs at the moment.


I also encourage  you to check out our previous blog post on 3 Simple Tips to Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe before you go shopping. With the 3 simples steps in this blog post, you are sure to successfully begin your journey to sustainable and slow fashion. 

As always, please comment below or send me an email (! I love to hear any feedback.



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