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A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly 

Hi Everyone and welcome to RAW Collective. I am Lyanne and I help women embrace sustainability through a conscious wardrobe. As a former corporate fashion executive, I found that there was a desperate need for a lifestyle brand that women could feel good about wearing without sacrifing style and confidence.

I aim to make shopping brands with ethical standards and that support global causes easier for the conscious woman. RAW Collective is a movement fighting to Raise Awareness Worldwide.


A Vision of Sustainable Fashion

RAW Collective was started with a vision and focus to improve our impact on the environment and civilization. Created with a driving theory: “If fashion can bring people of all backgrounds together, then fashionable people together can raise awareness for global issues that affect us all.”  I believe in fair trade and the equality for all mankind, knowing that style does not have to cost the Earth and am determined to leave this earth a better place for future generations.

A Mission to Build Sustainable Awareness

Raw Collective’s overall goal is to harnesses the power of fashion and community to build sustainable awareness and fund movements that support charities in their efforts to change lives across the world. Raw Collective is always looking for new ways to help spread the word about conscious consumerism, our impact and our ability to make a difference.  By bringing people together through fashion, Raw Collective, in turn, hopes to Raise Awareness Worldwide.


RAW Family