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Corporate Fashion Professional’s Wake Up Call

Corporate Fashion Professional’s Wake Up Call

Slowing Down Through Fashion

I know what you’re thinking… how can you slow down through fashion? It’s an ever changing, fast paced industry constantly chasing the latest trends and throwing them on the runway to show the public what they should be buying this season. New product deliveries arrive monthly and advertisements and influencers are eager to share with us and point us to the right link to shop so we can purchase that perfect-for-fall Merlot Crush sweater. And no, it’s not just like the one you bought last fall, that one was Pinot Noir Crush… very different!

The Devil Wears Prada depicts a pretty accurate look into how cut-throat the fashion industry can be, but that book/movie just barely scratches the surface. To really understand that totality of the industry and its impact on consumers and the earth, you may have to spend ten years working in brand marketing. Or, you could skip that step and let me fill you in.

My background in fashion has been the guiding light to launch RAW Collective. Working in this industry taught me a lot and opened my eyes to how wasteful this industry is and the negative global impact that it has had.

Let me clear something up- I, like many other women, love fashion. I like the way an amazing new blouse can make me feel. I love how I can show my unique style through the clothes I wear. I appreciate edgy fashionistas who dare to try the newest trends and I always think “could I pull that off?”. I am not the sort of person who has a minimal closet by any means.

It’s just that working in the fashion industry really opened my eyes to how the products we buy are produced. It opened my eyes to how wasteful I had been, donating clothes that probably end up in a landfill just so I can fill my closet back up with the fast-fashion trends of the season. It made me realize that there is a better way to do this. It made me feel like I needed to share my experience and raise awareness

That’s how RAW Collective came to fruition. We are an online shopping destination supporting sustainable and slow fashion brands that are working towards global causes to create a better future.

A Vision to Improve Mankind's Impact

RAW Collective’s vision and focus is to improve mankind’s impact on the environment and civilization by providing accessible, ethical, and slow fashion that allows individuals to be fashionable and stylish without sacrificing the earth. We believe in fair trade and the equality for all mankind. We are determined to leave this earth a better place, not just for our children, but the future generations to come.

Together we have the ability to make fashion sustainable and make every purchase have a positive impact on the world and mankind.

Join RAW Collective on our mission! 

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