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Girl Power Tshirt

Pass the message on to the next generation with this Girl Power Tee. GRLPWR isn't just a message on a shirt, it's the power of a community of diverse women empowering each other through positivity and economic opportunity. 

White shirt with rainbow color graphic. 
100% cotton.
Ethically produced in Downtown Los Angeles. 
Sales from this tee are shared with the artist, Axelle Rose Zwartjes, and a cause she cares about. Axelle has chosen to give to Akasaa female run organization who are dedicated to bringing education and awareness to low-income youth in the city of Los Angeles, so that they may make informed decisions about their own health and wellness.

Axelle says: What the women do at Akasa is so important for kids. Having a community like Akasa and learning how to live a healthy and balanced life, changes your future in a positive way. Feeling happy and healthy is a primary need and is a human right. It's beautiful to see how these women translate their energy into happiness.

WRAP Platinum certified, this tee was made in a factory with ethical, humane, and lawful conditions -- 100% no sweatshop manufacturing-- with environmental and eco-friendly practices, including a solar powered sewing and cutting floor.

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