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The Green Guide to the Holidays

The Green Guide to the Holidays

Let the Shopping Begin

Holidays are definitely about family and fun, but they’re also about SHOPPING! And this year being a little different with the pandemic, I wanted to encourage everyone to shop green because everyday is Earth Day, and because we care about future generations. Also we HATE plastic! If you choose to order everything from Amazon, no problem! Try adding “eco-friendly” to all of your searches.

eco-friendly gifts

Besides what you can find on Amazon, here is a giant list of green products, broken up by category, to help you have a happy, successful, shopaholic Holiday season:


Amazon's Eco-Friendly Best Sellers

Green Toys These are made of fully recycled plastic AND made in the USA!


Cat and Jack Collection at Target (okay this one makes me cry- they include products for disabled children AND their products are made from recycled plastic. COME ON)

H&M's Conscious Line


Mata Traders

EcoVibe Apparel

RAW Collective

H&M's Conscious Line


Many of these sites also include more women’s fashion! Yay!

Levi’s Jeans (this shocked me- read about their sustainability practices here)




H&M’s Conscious Line


Uncommon Goods Recycled Gifts

Amazon's Zero Waste Products

Ocean Plastic Bracelets BONUS: for every purchase, you are supporting the removal of plastic in the ocean!

Green Heart Shop the food selection is really fun in this one!


Buy Green Goods

Green Home Goods, Gifts, and Office Supplies

Better Life Cleaning Products(you can also order these products from Amazon)

Green Steel Tumblers For your favorite coffee addict!


(honestly who could forget about buying your pets great stuff)

Castle Baths Pet Care

Best Bully Treats

Harry Barker Toys they also have so much more, and all of it is eco-friendly!

P.L.A.Y. Plush toys made from recycled plastic AND donates to the International Fund for Animal Welfare! Win-win.

Eco-friendly tips courtesy of Amazon products to help you live your best life in 2020:

  • Shop with reusable bags AND reusable produce bags (find some here)
  • Replace your janky Ziplocs with dishwasher safe silicon bags
  • Skip those paper towels and opt for washable bamboo replacements (P.S. this saves you money on buying paper towels. It might not be a lot, but small savings add up)
  • Stop using regular dryer sheets and get some wool dryer balls (again with the saving money thing)
  • Connect with your inner green goddess (yes men, you all have a green goddess as well) and start composting with this easy, non-smelly compost bin
  • Destroy the enemy of the people (and turtles) by using metal straws (or shatter-proof glass straws if you have an aversion to metal)
  • Cover your food using a beeswax food storage wrap, because plastic wrap is sooo 2018
  • Clean your kitchen with eco-friendly sponges
  • Write all your notes with these cool pens made from recycled plastic
  • Opt to use a decomposition book for your notes, because a) the patterns on these notebooks are awesome, and b) if you’re going to kill a tree it might as well be one that’s already been killed

Also, last but not least, do a little research before purchasing a product! There is probably an eco-friendly alternative out there. The cost may be a little higher, but we are all in a rut right now because we value cheap and fast over slow and sustainable. Just a quick Google before buying can help you lower your environmental impact!

Cheers to a better, more sustainable 2019!

By Lindsay Poss

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