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Meet the Brand: Tribe Alive

Meet the Brand: Tribe Alive

When RAW Collective started, we were looking for like minded brands to carry in our shop. It’s important for us to work with trailblazers who are changing the world through sustainable fashion. When we discover a brand that fits perfectly and our missions align it’s an instant fit, a no brainer! That was the feeling we got when we discovered an ethical clothing brand based out of Fort Worth, Texas with a passion for quality handmade products.

Meet Tribe Alive! Incorporated in 2015, Tribe Alive describes themselves as “a platform that exists to empower women to raise themselves out of poverty all over the world.”

Empowering Women Through Fashion

Tribe Alive

It all started when the Founder & CEO began her adoption journey years ago. Here’s what she had to say: When I began my adoption journey, I knew that becoming a mother would profoundly impact my life, but never imagined that it would alter the course of my life's work. Although adoption presents an opportunity to support an individual child, I was struck by the desire to address the core issue of child relinquishment on a global scale: namely, the economic insecurity facing women in the developing world. Tribe Alive was born from my decision to utilize years of experience in the fashion industry as a platform to alleviate poverty among people in the developing world. I believe that ethical fashion has the power to change lives, and it's my hope that Tribe Alive's artisans will be empowered with the means to care for their families so that child relinquishment need never be considered an option.”

This experience was the launching pad for Tribe Alive and shaped their entire mission. Tribe Alive partners with artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India and Honduras to employ at risk women at living wages.

Knowing that the work facilities in these countries are unsafe and unfit, they created studios to provide safe work environments, dependable income, and empower artisans to determine their own futures.

Finding Beauty in All the Details

When it comes to the products, Tribe Alive strives for perfection, beauty and authenticity in each piece.

“We obsess over the details and are focused on providing high quality products that still honor and represent the handmade process. We believe in combining an elevated and modern design aesthetic with ethical craftmanship so that our customer does not need to compromise style for ethics.”

Tribe Alive at RAW Collective

The Tribe Alive team in Fort Worth is a “small but fierce female run team”, which tells a lot about who they are and why they decided to name their brand Tribe Alive:

“The name Tribe Alive came from the ambition to build more than just a company but rather from a desire to build a movement. Only a community can build a movement (which we like to call our Tribe), and we believe that sustainable fashion and ethical manufacturing have the power to bring quality of life to the far off places that we choose to produce. Our work helps communities come alive.”

Determined to Make a Difference

Tribe Alive - Ethical Apparel for Women

And they have no intentions on slowing down. Their long term goal? Tribe Alive’s Founder & CEO told me,  “working hard to grow something much larger than myself and that my motivation remains rooted in improving the lives of women living in poverty.”

Talk about a mission we can all get behind! To learn more about Tribe Alive, visit there website here or follow them on Instagram.  

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